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YIKES! Steven Crowder Suspended from Twitter After Posting INCRIMINATING Voter Fraud Video

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YIKES! Steven Crowder Suspended from Twitter After Posting INCRIMINATING Voter Fraud Video

Well, who would have guessed that Steven Crowder would wind up finding himself on the suspension list from Twitter?

Honestly, it's not surprising. He is, after all, a conservative with a large following. I'm more surprised that he hasn't been suspended already.

The reason Crowder was suspended was because he posted a new video that has to do with election fraud.

In the video, Crowder shares dozens of addresses for voters that don't even exist. Crowder said, “Today I present dozens of non-existent voter addresses that I’ve verified MYSELF. From Michigan to Nevada. Empty lots etc. I’ll include pictures and a current newspaper as confirmation. It goes down today.”

Twitter's reason for the suspension was: “This claim of election fraud is disputed, and this Tweet can’t be replied to, retweeted, or liked due to risk of violence.”

What Twitter is doing is silencing those who disagree with the mainstream narrative. They're not hiding it either. They announced weeks ago that they would be silencing anyone who challenged the idea that the election was fair.

But read that again. Twitter said, "this claim of election fraud is disputed". Okay, so that means that there is disagreement in something, but they're not going to allow people to talk about it? That's utter garbage.

Here is the video that got Crowder suspended:

So I watched the video from Steven Crowder. They give a number of locations and cite them as addresses of people that voted in the election in November.

I'm naturally a skeptical person and I usually don't believe anything at face value. I always do research on my own. So I decided to look up some of these addresses myself to see if maybe they just couldn't find the address or something.

NOPE! Every one of them that I looked up didn't exist or it was something like an abandoned lot or something of that nature. They were exactly what they show in the video.

You can even do this yourself. Just watch the video and look up the addresses on Google and jump down to street-view so you can try and find the location.

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