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White College Professor Admits to Lying About Being Black for ENTIRE CAREER

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White College Professor Admits to Lying About Being Black for ENTIRE CAREER

I'm sure that the first thing that comes to mind when you read that title is Rachel Dolezal all over again. But sadly, Rachel Dolezal isn't the only woman foolish enough to lie about her ethnicity.

Jessica Krug is an associate professor at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. who has been lying for her entire professional career about being black.

She has not lived a double life, she claimed, as she has no other life beyond the lie she has been living.

“There is no parallel form of my adulthood connected to white people or a white community or an alternative white identity. I have lived this lie, fully, completely, with no exit plan or strategy,” she writes. “I have no identity outside of this. I have never developed one.”

While she blamed childhood trauma for being at the root of her becoming what she refers to as “a culture leech,” she at no point asks for forgiveness or attempts to justify her choices — but instead eviscerates her decisions and admits she has no idea how to move forward.

“Mental health issues likely explain why I assumed a false identity initially, as a youth, and why I continued and developed it for so long,” she writes. “When I was a teenager fleeing trauma, I could just run away to a new place and become a new person. But this isn’t trauma that anyone imposed on me, this is harm that I have enacted onto so many others. There is nowhere to run. I have ended the life I had no right to live in the first place.”

Krug also admittedly said that she is "a coward" and that she "should absolutely be canceled."

On top of that, she's also pretended to be Latina as well, or so it appears anyway.

I admit that this is ridiculous. Why do people pretend to be something that they clearly are not? But that's not the biggest issue I have with this.

Here's the bigger problem.

Why is it not acceptable to pretend to black, but it's acceptable for a man to pretend to be a woman? Both of these aspects are written in our DNA. There is no escaping that fact; it's biological science.

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