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Whistleblower Leaks Leftist Propaganda in New Elementary Social Studies Curriculum

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Whistleblower Leaks Leftist Propaganda in New Elementary Social Studies Curriculum

If your children are currently enrolled in public school, I'm sorry to say that your children are already being exposed to the liberalism that the state has injected into the curriculum.

Some states are much worse than others, obviously, but statism is at a school near you whether you're aware of it or not. Just do a search on this site for "public school" and you'll see what I mean.

If you are a frequent reader of ours, then you know you can expect me to say this next bit...this is just another reason why we should pull our children out of the state-sponsored public school system.

This time, a Wisconsin school district has been trying to push their liberal agenda onto school kids once again through their social studies curriculum.

After the Elmbrook School District in Brookfield, Wisconsin, announced that it was reviewing the district’s social studies curriculum, activists in the area circulated a poll asking for input to give to the curriculum review committee. The group calls itself “What’s Next, Elmbrook?”

A screenshot of the survey obtained by The Daily Wire, which has since been taken down, asks parents to choose which topics they believe the social studies curriculum should prioritize.

Answers were limited to:

“Black Wall Street/Tulsa Race Massacre,”
“The truth about Christopher Columbus,”
“Pre-colonial education/turtle island: more about Indigenous history before the arrival of European settlers,”
“Segregation in Milwaukee, past and present,”
“Japanese Internment Camps,”
“The truth about Black Panthers, COINTELPRO, Fred Hampton,”
“Race relations beyond the 1960s/post-Civil Rights era,”
“waves of feminism and its failures, white feminism (e.g. how the 19th Amendment did not protect black/brown women’s right to vote, etc.),” and
“Stonewall/LGBTQ Liberation/AIDS epidemic.”

Notice "the truth" mentioned in some of those. I'll bet anything that it's not the truth, but rather their revisionist history which distorts and modifies what actually happened to make it sound like Christopher Columbus was evil and the Black Panthers were angelic beings.

Thankfully, some parents became aware of this thanks to a whistleblower and have since started taking action against the curriculum. However, parents say they are fighting a losing battle.

“Our children cannot escape this leftist messaging,” the whistleblower parent said. “And as students, regardless of their family or personal values and beliefs, they are forced to listen and agree for fear of being labeled as a hater or racist.”

I would agree. They are fighting a losing battle, but there is something that almost every parent can do immediately. That is, remove their children from public school and either homeschool them or send them to a good private school.

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