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What is Happening to Jerry Nadler? VERY Awkward Exit in Middle of Pelosi Speech (VIDEO)

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What is Happening to Jerry Nadler? VERY Awkward Exit in Middle of Pelosi Speech (VIDEO)

We need to drain the swamp! For too long, our country has been run by the same greedy, corrupt politicians, and Rep. Jerry Nadler could be their mascot.

Just last week, while House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was giving one of her rants about President Trump, Rep. Nadler seemed to get a bit of a panicked look about him and shuffled off the stage very slowly.

Take a look:

This isn't the first time something strange like this has happened to Rep. Nadler. You may remember last year when he fainted during a press conference with Mayor DeBlasio.

As DeBlasio was speaking, he had to stop and check on the poor man. DeBlasio asked Nadler multiple times if he was OK. Nadler was barely able to respond and most of his responses seemed confused and disconnected.

Eventually, medical professionals were called in.

Later that day, Nadler's spokesman stated that he was simply dehydrated and was doing fine now. This is not only concerning for our nation but also for Nadler himself.

How long will he be pushed to keep going on a relentless schedule to please the higher-ups in his party?

This is just one example of the "leadership" being offered to our nation by the left. With no regard for the security or needs of our country, they continue to promote politicians regardless of their fitness for duty.

Rep. Nadler is just one on a long list of lifetime politicians that the left continues to support. He has continually raised attacks on President Trump and his family with no justification or evidence, all the while he is suffering with unknown health issues that most assuredly are affecting his ability to lead this country.

As usual with the far left, it is hypocrisy in it's lowest form. These same people are now pushing for term limits on SCOTUS! If they can't have it their way, they are happy to change the rules to do what is best for them no matter the consequences to our great nation.

Why don't we start with term limits in Congress and see where we go from there?

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