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WATCH: Security Video from Pennsylvania Shows People Filling Out Multiple Ballots!

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WATCH: Security Video from Pennsylvania Shows People Filling Out Multiple Ballots!

There has been some new security video footage put out from Pennsylvania that shows multiple individuals filling in fresh ballots and then setting them to the side.

What is it that these people are doing? It looks as though this young man below is filling out ballot after ballot after ballot.

Social media has been censoring, removing, suspending, and banning people who have been sharing this video as well as another video of someone else who was doing the same thing.

Take a look at the video below.

Here is another video of the same thing.

The explanation that I've been seeing is that it was a Democrat and a Republican team who were "re-doing" the ballots that they deemed were fair and legal, but the ballots were supposedly printed on the wrong sized paper for the machine to read. It's claimed that this was approved and by all parties and that it was announced in a press conference.

I'll at least admit that this is plausible because they do seem to be working together because they are finishing their own ballot about the same time and not moving ahead of the other as far as I can tell.

BUT...I really question whether or not this is legal. To my knowledge, if it is invalid it is invalid.

Another thing though is that out of all the people who are claiming this as an explanation and saying that it was announced, no one has provided any source for this claim. They're just saying it and wanting us to accept it as fact based on nothing.

Let me say this...even if they are right. Even if this is a legitimate process, that doesn't explain everything else that we've been seeing with ballots still being collected after the election and ballot boxes being carted in well after the deadline. There is still fraud going on, even if this isn't.

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