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WATCH: New GOP Congresswoman-Elect From Ukraine BLASTS Socialism

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WATCH: New GOP Congresswoman-Elect From Ukraine BLASTS Socialism

If there's any single group that knows socialism is a terrible idea for America - besides those who took an hour or two to read a history book, of course - it's those who have moved to the States from countries that implemented and were ruined by Marxist ideology.

Think Russia, Ukraine, the rest of the former Soviet socialist republics, Cuba, Venezuela, etc.

In fact, as many pundits have been quick to point out, it's naturalized voters from Cuba and Venezuela who helped Trump win both Florida and Texas in the 2020 election.

Of course, this stark reality goes against the leftist idea that Hispanic people only vote Democrat, or that President Trump is only supported by "racist" white people. So much for that!

This hypocrisy aside - Indiana's 5th congressional district has just elected an emigrant from formerly socialist Ukraine to the House, one Viktoria Spartz.

Mrs. Spartz won her seat with more than 50% of the vote and, when asked by Fox News host Ainsley Earhardt why she thought so many House seats had been won by Republican women, replied that it was due to the Democrats' socialistic agenda. She was happy to see that so many Americans had rejected that agenda.

"I grew up in a socialistic country," Congresswoman-elect Spartz said. "In my 42 years, I grew up in socialism. I saw what happens when it runs out of money. And it's not pretty." Ukraine, of course, is still recovering from decades of Soviet rule, which finally ended with the collapse of the USSR in 1991.

Congresswoman-elect Spartz went on to say that America exemplifies a system where people are free to live their lives and pursue free enterprise, and that, as long as we continue to value those freedoms, "the greatest republic that ever existed" can be preserved.

In summation: it's women and men like Viktoria Spartz, from countries ruined by socialism, that we need to look to. Why? Well, so that we do not make the same mistakes as their native lands.

These people can and should serve as a guiding light, helping us navigate and avoid the siren call of extreme leftist ideologies so we don't end up - like Ukraine or Venezuela - a socialist shipwreck.

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