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WATCH: 300 Black Teens Destroy Putt-Putt Fun Center After They Were Denied a Refund (VIDEO)

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WATCH: 300 Black Teens Destroy Putt-Putt Fun Center After They Were Denied a Refund (VIDEO)

Black Americans are fighting and causing riots because they want to be treated fairly. I don't think that's what they want because if they were getting what they deserve based on their actions, so many more people would be behind bars.

Look, I want everyone to be treated equally. I want all ethnicities and cultures to be treated fairly.

The problem, however, comes when they act in a criminal manner. This only increases problems and creates a terrible impression.

Take for instance what recently happened at a putt-putt golf business in Memphis over the weekend when a group of about 300 black teens completely destroyed the business.

Take a look:

And what was the cause that led to this disaster? Because they wouldn't refund someone $4.

What happened was that the Putt-Putt Fun Center realized that they were overcrowded and decided to close early and also decided not to give refunds.

KTSM reported:

Things were quiet Sunday at the Putt-Putt Fun Center off Summer Avenue, but it was anything but quiet Saturday evening, when things quickly turned chaotic…

…The business decided to close up shop because of overcrowding, then the chaos erupted once employees said they would not issue a refund—instantly turning the fun center into a frenzy zone.

The video of the chaos made its rounds on social media throughout the night.

In the video, a girl who appears to be a teenager can be seen tearing apart a plexiglass divider.

She then throws the divider along with metal rope stands across a counter, where employees are standing.

The employees dodge every item coming at them.

Moments later, the young girl was seen spitting at another worker.

This is how parents are raising their children. They are raising them to be violent people which only makes sense, because that's what their parents are teaching, or not teaching them the right way at all.

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