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Uncovered Video Shows Stacey Abrams Planning Racist Attack Against White People

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Uncovered Video Shows Stacey Abrams Planning Racist Attack Against White People

Failed Georgia wannabe governor Stacey Abrams is one name among a handful of women who have been thought of as possible running mates for Joe Biden.

I'm hoping that a resurfaced video will hinder Biden's chances even further, although it looks like he's destroying his chances on his own anyway.

The video is from back in 2014 and shows Abrams explaining how redistricting in 2021 may allow too many white people in the south to be in charge and that, Abrams says, is dangerous.

During a political conference in 2014, then-Georgia House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams spoke about the significant non-white population in the South and how it would dominate politics if people of color would participate in the voting process at greater levels. Abrams parlayed this information into a call for taking control of the redistricting process in order to prevent a “white conservative coalition” from governing the region.

“I want to frame this in a specific way,” Abrams began at a 2014 conference hosted by Power PAC, a political action group that seeks to elect candidates “who champion the issues of the multiracial majority.”

Abrams discussed the demographic breakdown of Georgia at the time — a 31% African-American population, 9% Latino and 3.5% Asian-American. However, the romance novelist added that all three populations voted at lower percentages than their overall populations.

“So we underperform in every single election. If we were to harness the existing voting strength, we would win every single statewide election every single time,” Abrams said, referring to the minority population’s potential influence over white voters.

It just doesn't make sense to me how liberals and especially black liberals can be so racist and not be seen as being racist when they say things like this. Classifying an entire population as being dangerous just because they belong to a certain ethnicity is racism at its core.

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