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Unbelievable Number of This Liberal Demographic Now Support President Trump!

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Unbelievable Number of This Liberal Demographic Now Support President Trump!

While historically the LGBTQ population has shown a preference for voting Democratic, it seems things might be changing for this upcoming election.

According to a recent 45% of Queer men might opt to support Trump this year, an interesting change for the history of the LGBTQ community as well as Trump's upcoming prospects.

The numbers are the result of a survey made through the popular dating app Hornet. Their internal poll which reached 1,200 of their American users made a simple question if they would vote for Republican President Trump or Democratic Candidate Biden. The results as we have seen so far were interesting.

The straight numbers showed that 49 percent of the users did not support Donald Trump at all, 11 percent said that they had serious disagreements with him.

Nine percent had but opinions for and against. And lastly, 27% said that they more or less fully supported President Trump's politics and stances.

While at first glance this does not match the 45% we mentioned the really interesting part is that amongst those that claimed they didn't support the president at all, at least 10 percent mentioned they would vote for him regardless. Thus bringing the total to the above mentioned 45%

The poll was run on more countries than just the USA and the results make an even more interesting case for the results the Queer community offered in America. Generally speaking, most countries showed a preference for Biden over Trump, with the exception of Taiwan and Russia. And while the results in America might not be a decisive victory for the Republican President it does show an acceptance of his policies and presidency inside his home country.

While Hornet does not represent the entirety of the queer or LGBTQ population the results of their poll might just come back and surprise us on the elections.

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