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Trump vs. Biden: Here's What the Polls Say and Why They Don't Even Matter

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Trump vs. Biden: Here's What the Polls Say and Why They Don't Even Matter

If we learned anything from the last election, we learned that there is a silent majority out there that supports the President.

Given all that has taken place over the last 4 years with all the scandals from the Democrats, the bogus impeachment trial, the rampant voter fraud, the ugliness from the you really think that they picked up support by doing this? Not a chance.

I would argue that the silent majority is even greater than it was back in 2016.

However, if you look at the polls, Biden seems to be leading in most of them. DO NOT BE FOOLED! This too is a tactic employed by Democrats to appear as though Biden has the upper hand. It's meant to do two things: subconsciously put in your mind that Biden is going to win so don't bother trying to vote for Trump, and also subconsciously identify him with the idea of being the leader.

This is a trick that we can't let ourselves fall for. We've got to show up strong in the polls and dominate this election.

A CNBC/Change Research poll conducted 9/29-30 found Biden with a 13-point lead. Other polls suggest, however, that the race is much tighter. A post-debate JTN/RMG Research poll found Biden leading by 8 points, while a recent IBD/TIPP poll found Biden’s leading shrinking to just 3 points. A polls by The Hill/Harris X gives Biden a 7-point advantage. Here’s the breakdown of the six most recent polls (movement on polls we tracked last month are noted):

CNN (10/1-4) — Biden +16 (up from Biden +8 a month ago)
JTN/RMG Research (10/1-3) — Biden +8
NBC News/WSJ (9/30-10/1) — Biden +14
IBD/TIPP (9/30-10/1) — Biden +3 (down from Biden +8)
The Hill/HarrisX (9/30-10/1) — Biden +7 (up from Biden +6)
CNBC/Change Research (9/29-30) — Biden +13

When you compare that to the polls back in 2016, Hillary Clinton led Trump in the national polls by an average of 6 points (47.9–41.9). By Election Day 2016 (Nov. 8), Clinton’s lead had diminished to 3.2%. Clinton would go on to win the popular vote by 2.1% but lose the Electoral College by a wide margin (304–227).

Personally, I do not give a crap about these polls one bit because I know they're wrong.

If you look closely at the polls by state from back in 2016, the polls were off by an average of 3-4 points in battleground states.

This election will be a landslide.

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