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Top 7 Reasons President Trump Will Win the Election

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Top 7 Reasons President Trump Will Win the Election

There are plenty of people who are concerned that President Trump could lose the election.

I can understand why they say and believe that. When you look at the polls, they seem to indicate the Joe Biden is going to wipe the floor with Donald Trump and win with ease.

But think about this for just one second, that is literally the only thing indicating that Biden would win. Everything else indicates that President Trump will win reelection and that Republicans will possibly regain control of the House of Representatives as well as the Senate.

So let's look at a few things that point toward another Trump win in 2020.

Not only does President Trump need to lose his support in some key states, he has to lose multiple states.

1. Pennsylvania voter registration among Republicans seem to indicate that Pennsylvania will remain with President Trump.

During the last election, President Trump won the state even with Democrats outnumbering Republicans in registrations by 900,000. Since that time, that number has dropped to 700,000. Even then, it's likely that more Democrats will vote for President Trump even as a registered Democrat.

2. Florida's Latino voters were greatly favoring Hillary Clinton in 2016...and she lost. Now they are greatly favoring President Trump which only further increases my confidence that he'll win Florida once again.

3. Support among black voters has skyrocketed for President Trump. In 2016, he only had 8% of the black vote. It's estimated that he'll get between 13-16% this time which will solidify many states for Trump.

4. No one wants Biden's tax increases. Even earlier this week, rapper 50 Cent expressed his support for Donald Trump because of one thing and one thing only...his tax increases. With the rapper expressing this, you know some of his following is going to follow suit.

5. Look at the rallies.

6. 56% of people say they're better off now than they were four years ago. Biden told those people not to vote for him.

7. Polls are wrong and this was proven in 2016. There is a silent majority and that majority has only grown in the last four years.

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