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This is Why Americans Can't Trust the CDC

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This is Why Americans Can't Trust the CDC

I am someone who is very passionate about maintaining good health and taking care of your body so that it will take care of you.

Therefore, it's not blindly that I can confidently say that I have absolutely zero confidence in what the CDC has to say about anything.

The first one should be painfully obvious and that reason is because they have been wrong about so much this whole time regarding the coronavirus.

They have been giving conflicting data on how the virus is spread and have been wishy-washy at best on the role that masks play in prevention.

We've seen the CDC slash numbers in half as far as cases and deaths go after admitting that they count anyone who had COVID-19 as a death from it.

Another reason I don't trust them is because they are a government entity and I absolutely do not trust our government to be honest with us.

One more reason that I think more people think about, and it pertains not only to the CDC but to all health professionals everywhere and that's the promoting of good nutrition and vitamins.

One of the biggest factors in the severity of COVID-19 is highly dependent upon the levels of one single vitamin in your system. Hopefully, by now you know that this vitamin is Vitamin D.

You want to trust the science as the media and Democrats tell us to do? Well, here's some science for everyone...

By far the OVERWHELMING majority of people who have had either severe symptoms or been in critical condition ave been those who are deficient in Vitamin D.

Take a look at this chart:

If Vitamin D makes such a massive difference in how someone responds to and battles the virus, then why isn't there a massive public announcement for everyone to load up on Vitamin D?

I personally take Vitamin D every single day as well as a Vitamin K2 which is needed to better absorb the Vitamin D.

Instead, we've got idiot Governors ruining our lives with shutdowns and such that aren't working. Look at theis chart now:

Now you tell me what works? Vitamin D...or tyrannical mandates?

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