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Sidney Powell Makes MASSIVE Prediction on Election Results

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Sidney Powell Makes MASSIVE Prediction on Election Results

Newsmax is quickly becoming the best news media networks on TV/online, especially since Fox News took a dump with their treatment of the election.

Attorney Sidney Powell gave an interview with Newsmax to talk about what is new with the election fraud scandal.

The Trump team is still working diligently to ensure that the elections are treated fairly and they must prove the fraud beyond a shadow of a doubt if they're going to stand a chance at winning.

Powell told Greg Kelly,

"And the will of the people in this country was that Donald Trump win in a landslide. If we can get to the bottom of it, and I am determined to do that, I think we’ll find he had at least 80 million votes.

The only reason the glitches happened in the system is because he was so, had so far many more votes than they had calculated in advance. Their algorithms wouldn’t perform the functions they had originally performed that were set to perform. They couldn’t make up the vote count. He gotten so many hundreds of thousands more than they planned. So that’s when they had to stop the counting and come up with a way to back-fill votes or destroy votes for Trump while they fabricated votes for Biden."

A couple of things to notice in that statement:

First, she said, "If we can get to the bottom of it..." I hate to say it, but this just tells me that they don't have everything pieced together yet. Maybe they already have enough without being able to prove the entire thing, but Powell said "If".

Then she mentioned that she believes that President Trump won about 80 million of the votes. I don't think that she would just randomly throw that number out without actually understanding why or believing it firmly. This would be irresponsible and that's just not how Powell is. She makes very precise statements and always has evidence to support what she claims.

I know we're all very eager to see what is going to happen to and if we just hold out a little longer, I think we'll get our answers.

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