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SHOCKING Video from a NYC Nurse - Abuse and Malpractice, "It’s a Horror Movie… Patients Left to Rot and Die"

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SHOCKING Video from a NYC Nurse - Abuse and Malpractice, "It’s a Horror Movie… Patients Left to Rot and Die"

A nurse practitioner recently posted a video that told a very disturbing message.

She said that the way that patients, and especially elderly patients are being treated in New York City is like something out of a horror movie.

The video has already been removed from social media before. Watch it before it is removed once again.

Here is just a few of the highlights that she discusses in the 10-minute video, which you can find down below.

“People are sick but they don’t have to stay sick. They are killing them. They are not helping them. She used the word murder – coming from a nurse who went to New York City expecting to help patients, are left to rot and die, her words. She has never seen so much neglect. No one cares. They are cold and they don’t care anymore. It’s the blind leading the blind now."

"What is happening is that they’re putting people on nasal canula. If they require more than six liters of nasal canula, they get intubated. They go on the vent or they get tricked if there’s not an event. They don’t get high flow, no non-rebreather, no non-invasive ventilation, no CPAP no BiPAP. They’re on a closed system the versus a CPAP or BiPAP for fear that it will spread the virus. Which, by the way, I know a nurse in Florida who was fired for exposing that about CPAP and BiPAP and patients being put on the ventilator like straightaway to the ventilator to be on a closed system."

"It’s a horror movie she says, not because of the disease, but because of the way it’s being handled. She said we need help and people are sitting there waiting in the hotels. Money I guess being paid it’s being paid for by FEMA and yet they’re still understaffed and there are hundreds of people, hundreds of nurses in the hotels waiting to be called on to a shift so there is manpower if the goal were to actually save people but resources are not being utilized properly or to full capacity in a way that maximizes the patient benefit or improve the outcomes. The records and charting are crap. And now some of these hospitals in New York City are probably crappy on a good day so you add in the fear of COVID and the fear of the whole pandemic and forget it. So you’re dealing if you’re in a crappy Hospital with crappy nurses."

This is truly sad and would make sense as to why the death rate in New York City is so high.

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