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SHOCKING! Joe Biden Twitter Followers Mostly Fake Users!

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SHOCKING! Joe Biden Twitter Followers Mostly Fake Users!

I don't why the mainstream media and the Democrats continue with this idiotic and insulting propaganda, because they're not fooling anyone.

Those of us in the world who still have common sense can clearly see the election was not the "most secure election in history". That is a lie from the pit of Hell. There's no way that Joe Biden won 81 million votes, it's literally impossible.

Everything suggests that he's not as liked as the votes make him seem.

You never hear anyone talking about how excited they are about Joe Biden being president like they do with President Trump.

When you look at any of the White House videos on YouTube, every single one of them has way more dislikes than they do likes, unless they've gone in and removed dislikes once again.

And while Biden has 26 million or so Twitter followers...most of them are fake! Just take a look at this...

I looked at his account and looked at his followers and what I saw was the same exact thing. The majority of the followers are brand new accounts that were created in January.

Here's my thought about what happened with the election:

In 2016, I think the same thing happened, which is partly why the Democrats believed that it was rigged. But what really happened is that the Democrats had rigged it for Hillary Clinton to win the election, but they didn't expect Donald Trump to get as many votes as he did so they couldn't counteract that based on the way they had everything arranged.

Fast forward to 2020 and they did the same thing, only this time, they screwed it up by underestimating once again which skyrocketed Joe Biden's votes through the roof to surpass President Trump.

As I said, the media isn't fooling us. We know better, we're just limited as to what we can actually do about it. We've let our government get way too big and way out of hand and now we're struggling against them.

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