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Reporters Won't Let Jen Psaki Off the Hook on Question About Biden's Remarks on Law Enforcement

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Reporters Won't Let Jen Psaki Off the Hook on Question About Biden's Remarks on Law Enforcement

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was holding her regular press conference when she was asked a question that she ended up giving a quick response to. Obviously, she didn't want to talk about it.

One of the reporters simply asked what Joe Biden meant when he said that, "the vast majority of law enforcement officers are decent, honorable people" in his speech at the Oval Office during Tuesday's press briefing.

After avoiding the question of one journalist by saying that the words were "exactly what he meant", Psaki went into more detail when asked by NBC reporter, Kristen Welker, why Biden felt it was essential to stress his point.

In response, Psaki declared that the President believes that officers of law throughout the US have been unduly criticized, adding that, "Some have been threatened." She mentioned that Biden realizes there have been questions regarding the importance of their roles, but overall, he aims to support them.

Welker then asked Psaki to confirm whether "the vast majority" meant all officers. Her answer was that she understood Biden's words to mean most law enforcement officials are doing "vital and essential work", despite some problematic individuals.

I'm going to be honest, I don't like the Biden administration or anything about it. But I really hate stupid reporters who are only there asking questions to try and cause a problem. What is the purpose of asking what he meant by the vast majority of them being decent and honorable people? Are they that stupid that they don't understand simple sentences with common words?

Of course, they understand what he meant. They're just trying to get him to say something that may incriminate him. Look, I don't like the guy at all, but that doesn't give us an excuse to act like a jerk and try to entrap someone.

I know that when the tables are switched that's exactly what the Democrats do, but let's not stoop to their level and resort to their foley.

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