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REPORT: Fox News TERMINATES Trey Gowdy After Joining Trump’s Legal Team

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REPORT: Fox News TERMINATES Trey Gowdy After Joining Trump’s Legal Team

It's time for everyone in the Fake News party to make room for Fox News.

Mainstream media outlets are not interested in the truth - and they are not interested in telling it either. President Trump has been clear about this issue for far too long.

That's why it's easy to understand why almost all of MSM has backed Biden and downplayed the vote fraud scandal.

What's hard to believe is what's going on at Fox News, a place where patriots were able to get their information - until today.

Former Republican Congressman Terry Gowdy was fired from his position at Fox News after being a long-time collaborator.

The event happened right after he joined Trump's legal team, as former Congressman Gowdy found inexcusable how much vote fraud is running rampant in America.

This should come as no surprise: Fox News has shown a clear editorial change concerning President Trump. The alleged-right-leaning news channel has joined the rest of mainstream media channels in announcing Biden as the next president - even though the election is far from over.

Gowdy also said that those who have made the accusations of fraud must prove the allegations. It's not enough to just made an accusation blindly with no evidence.

"If there were mistakes made, intentional or otherwise, don't you think we have a right to know it, and don't you think there should be a responsibility to find it?" the former South Carolina congressman asked on the latest episode of "The Trey Gowdy Podcast."

"If there were no errors, no mistakes, no fraud, we had the right to know that, and it's the responsibility of those who have alleged it to prove it," he added.

"...We live in a country that can split an atom, liberate continents, cure diseases, surely to goodness, we can find a way to count votes in less than a week."

Come January 20th, that will be remembered as a bold and poorly-aged strategy.

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