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REPORT: Federal Agents Forced Triple Amputee Veteran to Crawl to Police Car

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REPORT: Federal Agents Forced Triple Amputee Veteran to Crawl to Police Car

Many of you may know that back in August Steve Bannon along with triple amputee U.S. Air Force senior airman Brian Kolfage were affected in connection to money laundering.

Supposedly, Kolfage and Bannon had been giving themselves a salary when it was not specified that they would be doing so in their GoFundMe campaign, but Kolfage said that they made it aware to donors that they were going to be taking a salary before they actually took initiative to do so.

Several USPIS agents from New York showed up to Kolfage's home in Florida to arrest him in front of his family.

The worst thing about it is that they didn't even allow him to get his prosthetic legs or arm or his wheelchair. Instead, he was forced to crawl like a dying animal to the police car so that they could take him to jail.

Kolfage claimed the feds sought to humiliate him during his Aug. 20 arrest.

He said that morning a squad of United States Postal Inspection Service agents ordered him out of bed and would not allow him to take his prosthetic limbs for the 90-minute drive to a Pensacola courthouse.

“How does a person with no legs get into a vehicle that’s not equipped for a wheelchair?” the former Air Force senior airman said. “I had to get on my butt and crawl up into it like a monkey with one arm and in the rain. My kids were watching. It was humiliating.”

In the meantime, Kolfage proclaims he is innocent, “There is nothing that was done wrong or illegally and when the facts come out people will see.”

I agree, and hopefully, this is exactly as he says it is.

It's a shame that nobody tried to help him. This is how New York agents treat veterans.

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