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Police Officer 'Bravely' Kills Groundhog As It Crosses Highway

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Police Officer 'Bravely' Kills Groundhog As It Crosses Highway

In what initially appeared to be a Maryland police officer performing a good deed by stopping traffic to let an animal cross the busy road, turn into a tragic and disturbing slaughter of an animal.

The video shows traffic backed up in both directions on a two-lane road in Carroll County, Md., as a deputy with the local sheriff’s department appears to walk around and watch the groundhog.

Eventually, he pulls his gun and shoots the animal twice. A day after the incident, the video of it unfolding has gained popularity on social media in a Facebook post.

In the video, the deputy appears to back away at times from the groundhog and then approach it. The animal walks one way and then stops. The deputy backs up as the groundhog comes toward him, then kneels down on one knee and shoots it twice.

The incident unfolded Sunday afternoon along Liberty and White Rock roads in Eldersburg, Md., about 50 miles north of the District. Cpl. Jon Light, a spokesman for the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office, said the deputy believed the groundhog was “acting oddly.” He said it was not known whether the groundhog was rabid.

You can watch the video below, but be warned that the video does show the animal getting show though it is not gory.

Did this coward really feel threatened by a freaking groundhog?

Even if he felt threatened, was there was really no other option than to kill it? How about running out of the way? How about spraying it? Police officers have become such cowards that they instantly feel like they need to kill things. This is the reason why so many people are killed by police officers nowadays. They have no common sense or common decency to try and neutralize a threat rather than killing it.

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