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New Product Could Prevent COVID-19, Available By Summer

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New Product Could Prevent COVID-19, Available By Summer

Just like magic, Democrats are making it appear as though the simple act of Joe Biden being in the White House is leading to the improvement of our country's current standing with the coronavirus.

We're seeing the tyrants like Governor Gavin Newsom lifting his arbitrary and absurd orders and opening the state up a little, claiming that things are improving enough to do so, even though the state is worse right now with more cases and deaths than when he issued the orders last month.

But you can't tell a Democrat how to use logic.

We have multiple vaccines now and millions of people have been vaccinated so far and that number is very likely to grow over the next three months.

According to Biden, in three months we'll have a third of the country vaccinated against the virus and countless others who will be immune to it already through currently existing antibodies.

People are ready to get back to living their normal lives once again and hopefully, that will come very soon since they don't have to continue pretending it's worse than it is now that President Trump is not in the Oval Office.

One of the ways that they're looking to improve things even further is by a new product that is designed to prevent COVID-19.

This product is in the form of a nasal spray that can prevent the virus for up to two days.

The spray, being developed by scientists at the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom, catches the virus in the nose and covers it in a coating from which it can’t escape, The Telegraph reported.

That means someone using the spray could safely exhale because the virus would be harmless, the paper said. The scientists believe using it four times a day would be enough for general protection.

Dr. Richard Moakes, the study’s lead researcher, said with the widespread use of the spray, social distancing restrictions could be eased and its use could “get schools going again.”

“We think it will help in schools, as one of the good things about the formulation of the nasal spray is that it would not need to be reformulated for children,” Moakes told the Telegraph. “If it could facilitate getting students back to school, and education being re-established, then that would be great.”

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