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New Law in Democratic State Allows Democrats to Vote for Dementia Patients Without Their Signature

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New Law in Democratic State Allows Democrats to Vote for Dementia Patients Without Their Signature

As Democrats continue to push for a full mail-in voting process in the upcoming election, things are just getting worse. There have been at least 7 states that have passed some sort of legislature to this effect.

Now Democrats in Nevada are taking things a step further by passing a bill, without debate, on a partisan line in favor of mailing out ballots now ahead of the November election.

Based on the new bill in Nevada, a Democrat could go to a nursing home a fill out a ballot for them without their signature. This is a recipe for disaster and fraud.

Adam Laxalt told Laura Ingraham, "You’ve chronicled it. I’ve chronicled it. There is clearly voter fraud all over the country and this is a huge deal. And she’s talking about ballot harvesting which is illegal in Nevada until this new bill was passed. And your listeners have heard of granny harvesting. Imagine paid Democrat operatives or Republicans being able to go into senior living homes, take advantage of our elders and in this legislation they can even sign it for them. So this thing is absolutely ripe for fraud."

Laxalt also tweeted,

"Gov. Sisolak and the NV Dems called a special session with no public present and inside 24 hours are ramming through mail-in balloting and ballot harvesting. They are massively altering our election 97 days out entirely without the SecState. They are working to steal our election"

This is the Democratic party. I sure hope that Democrats themselves see this and see how crooked they are and realize that this isn't the party that they want to be associated with. There are absolutely no redeemable qualities about the Democratic party. They are the party of death and destruction. Honestly, it reminds me of the bible verse that says, "the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour".

I think they fit that description to a "t".

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