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Nancy Pelosi's Push to Impeachment Screeches to a Halt

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Nancy Pelosi's Push to Impeachment Screeches to a Halt

I've been saying it the whole time, this impeachment threat is just another sham and political game by the Democrats and especially Nancy Pelosi.

Now, we can say that the House of Representatives did in fact vote to impeach President Trump on one article, but contrary to what the New York Times says, they have not delivered the article over to the Senate.

At this point, and I'll admit I'm a bit ignorant in this respect, I don't know that there is actually anything that they can do because a private citizen cannot be impeached.

On Monday, efforts to impeach Donald Trump have hit a dead end after the senate declared that it "won't whip votes". The Democrats wanted to impeach the sitting president for inciting supporters to launch riots in the US Capitol. But with only two days left to the end of his term, the senate sees no reason to hurry.

For a successful impeachment, 17 Republicans must join the 50 Democrats to achieve the two-thirds vote. Again, Congress that was overseeing the process is yet to send the article of impeachment to the Senate. Not to mention, the president-elect has to confirm the important nominees. And this could be the reason why Pelosi is yet to send the article.

“The Senate, once it gets the article, will be legally required to start a trial forthwith,” Fox News continued. “This would take up much of the body’s calendar even as President-elect Joe Biden will need it to confirm some of his most important nominees. This could be a reason why Pelosi has not sent over the article — to give Schumer time to confirm some Biden nominees or pass some legislation before a trial starts.”

An impeachment could mean taking too much calendar of Joe Biden. However, a successful conviction could mean that President Trump cannot become President again.

Joe Biden has also expressed concerns that impeachment could mean losing precious time to concentrate on his agenda. Keep in mind there are only 18 months to the next election.

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