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MSNBC Host Rachel Maddow Demonstrates What Real Fascism Looks Like

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MSNBC Host Rachel Maddow Demonstrates What Real Fascism Looks Like

The radical left...actually, I think we should just go back to saying the left because at this point they are all radical, have entirely lost their minds.

They are so hate-filled and intolerant of anyone who does not espouse their ideology that they want some Republicans jailed for opposing them.

They cry about fascism, but this is the definition of fascism.

They want to "protest" in the streets against fascism, but they literally have no idea what that word even means. It's just become a fun buzz word for liberals to throw around so they can try and talk about how oppressed they are.

Rachel Maddow is on this list as well. She recently invited another fascist on the show to talk about this.

Maddow said,

"I think a lot of people are also worried about what you were describing there, about these tactics, both by the president and by his campaign and by Republicans who support him; that after an election, elections officials are now subject to lobbying, subject to pressure, subject to enticement or threats in a way that should get them to do whatever their party or the party in power or anybody else who has an effect in terms of influencing them, can get them to do.

I want to go back to that not being a norm in our democracy. I’m worried that now that the Trump administration has set this precedent, it will be. And it feels like the only way to stop that becoming the new normal, at least in Republican politics, is for some people to go to jail for it or to feel like they are going to get in trouble if they get caught doing something like that."


This is no different than what Al Gore did in 2000 against Bush. This is a very normal thing, they just don't like it.

Nothing that the President is doing is illegal at all. Why would they want to punish this from happening? What happens when it happens to a Democrat next time and they want to challenge the results?

Should we just lock them up for questioning it? because that's what they want to do to us.

This is entering a dangerous area and it must be reversed before it's too late.

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