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Mom Forces Daughter to Make False Rape Claim for Unbelievable Reason

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Mom Forces Daughter to Make False Rape Claim for Unbelievable Reason

Far too frequently we hear of women making false accusations against men claiming that they were raped.

Then in the same breath, we're told that we should automatically "believe women" when they claim to have been raped by someone.

With all the false accusations, I'll admit it does become a bit difficult to believe some of these women.

Because of false accusations of rape, we've seen people go to prison, we've seen careers ruined, and we've even seen lives destroyed. Accusations of rape should be taken seriously and they shouldn't just be thrown out willy-nilly like a high school student recently did.

One high school student accused another student of raping her and a teacher of not doing anything to stop the rape. But this was learned quickly that this was a lie and they have the video evidence to prove it.

According to The Daily Wire,

After the two men were arrested, police were informed that an additional student claimed she was sexually assaulted by Alamance High School student 18-year-old Brandon Tyler Lane and that the teacher, 42-year-old Samuel Bradley Freeze, did nothing to stop him. Police quickly investigated the new allegation and determined the middle school student who made the claim was never assaulted.

Police found witnesses that said the girl’s mother, Melissa Marie King, 35, made up the story and forced her daughter to make the allegation in an attempt to extort money out of the school system, The Times-News reported.

“It is believed this was an attempt to have leverage over Alamance-Burlington School System, where the mother planned to file a lawsuit against the school system in the future,” the Sheriff’s Office said.

The girl is now facing a misdemeanor charge for filing the false report and was held on a $500 bail.

Here's my take on rape accusations in general, and it should be the same view as everyone else:

Until it is actually proven that one person raped another, I'm going to believe that they're innocent. That's how the law works in our country, or at least how it's supposed to work.

You are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Does that mean that we should believe that the women are lying? Absolutely not. I think it is charitable to assume that both are telling the truth until the is evidence one way or the other.

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