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Maxine Waters Bashes Trump and Protesters and Proves She Hates Americans, "We Don't Want Businesses Opened Back Up"

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Maxine Waters Bashes Trump and Protesters and Proves She Hates Americans, "We Don't Want Businesses Opened Back Up"

I know it's not the best thing to say, but it must be said. I wholeheartedly believe that Maxine Waters is one of the most vile, horrible, and hateful women in the country.

We have Americans who are struggling to either put food on the table or pay their bills, and Maxine Waters could honestly care less.

People want their businesses back opened up and just want to get back to work. Most Americans don't want to just be home all day. We're not stupid. We can stay safe. We can run our businesses in a way that is good for all and safe for all.

We take risks every single day when we go out. But these risks are calculated and the benefits outweigh the risk more often than not.

Waters said, “You know our governors are under great stress. The protests that have been organized, the protests trying to intimidate our governors to open up everything are protests where the people participating in that should be ashamed of themselves. They should not be encouraged in any way. They should not be encouraged from the top leadership of this country to go out and do that.”

“I know the pressure is on. I know that you’re trying to hold the line. I want you to hold the line. I don’t want to see these establishments opened back up. I want the federal government to join with the cities and the states to support these families in every way that we can. I do want a moratorium on rent evictions. I have a huge bill. I have a $100 billion bill to pay the landlords. We don’t want them to risk their properties, many of them have bought a small number of units, ten units, four units as retirement property. I know that they need to pay their mortgages. I am going to absolutely see to it that they are reimbursed, that they are paid for the moratorium on evictions on their apartments.”

“So we’re doing everything that we can give support to our constituents, to our citizens, to the people who work every day, who have families to take care of. So if we do that, this will support our states and our governors and not having to open back up. So that you know the small businesses that are in direct contact with people nail shops, beauty shops, barbershops, flower shops, these are people in touch with folks every day, and they’re risking their lives, and we don’t want them opened up. We are very sympathetic to the pressure that is being put on by the president of the United States and organize efforts of these protesters. We want the governors to hold the line. Be as tough as you can be. Be as thoughtful as you can be. Do everything you can to hold the line. I know that Governor Newsom is doing that. And any small steps that he takes, he is doing it with a lot of support. We are with you, governor. Hold the line. ”

Well, Maxine Waters says that she and the Democrats don't want businesses opened back up. Honestly, what are they really expecting to happen? I'd love to hear their endgame plan here. Keep everything closed, bankrupt America, and introduce a highly inflated socialism system that fails worse than Venezuela?

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