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MASSIVE Pro-Second Amendment Facebook Page Gets the Boot After New Round of Conservative Targeting Purges

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MASSIVE Pro-Second Amendment Facebook Page Gets the Boot After New Round of Conservative Targeting Purges

It appears that Instagram and parent company Facebook are targeting conservatives hard once again, especially those who know how Deep State works internally.

This time, Mark Zuckerberg and his gremlins have targeted websites and individuals connected with anything QAnon related.

Tactical Sh*t and TJ Kirgin aka Sig Glockincolt have been among those targeted in this massive purge which has resulted in the deletion of hundreds of groups and pages and thousands of ads.

TJ from Tactical Sh*t shared how he learned about the purge:

"When I woke up this morning, I made a cup of Liberal Tears Coffee and sat down in my home office and pulled Facebook up on my computer. Little did I know that forces within Facebook were already targeting me for termination.

I wanted to see what my friends did last night, laugh at some memes, get some news from trusted sources and check on my family members like my aging parents.

I lol’d when I saw my “Memory” for the day. Exactly 4 years ago today, Facebook had unpublished Tactical Shit and I was on the Tomi Lahren show on the Glen Beck Network talking about it. So I hit the SHARE button and went back to work.

Later on this afternoon I got a call from my wife asking “What did you guys do now?” Stating that she got logged out of her Facebook account which typically indicated that someone got their pee pee smacked for a post that went to far and violated the social media giant’s “Community Standards”

Then my phone rang again and Fat Dark Earth said, “Not sure why but our Tactical SHT backup page on Facebook (which was created 4 years ago today) was “missing”

I then went to my Facebook App and noticed I too had been logged out. When I logged in, my account said: Your Account has been disabled

Then panic began to set in, never before have they come after me personally. I called my wife and she then confirmed that her personal Facebook profile was also DISABLED.

At that moment the realization that we had just lost all of our life story on Facebook. We lost our vacation pics, our kids growing up, my cars, my fishing, my time with my parents and more. Gone! and with NO EXPLANATION or reason given."

This isn't some conspiracy theory that Facebook is out to attack the right either. Below is what I pulled directly from the Facebook website:

"As a result of some of the actions we’ve already taken, we’ve removed over 790 groups, 100 Pages and 1,500 ads tied to QAnon from Facebook, blocked over 300 hashtags across Facebook and Instagram, and additionally imposed restrictions on over 1,950 Groups and 440 Pages on Facebook and over 10,000 accounts on Instagram. These numbers reflect differences in how Facebook and Instagram are used, with fewer Groups on Facebook with higher membership rates and a greater number of Instagram accounts with fewer followers comparably. Those Pages, Groups and Instagram accounts that have been restricted are still subject to removal as our team continues to review their content against our updated policy, as will others we identify subsequently. For militia organizations and those encouraging riots, including some who may identify as Antifa, we’ve initially removed over 980 groups, 520 Pages and 160 ads from Facebook. We’ve also restricted over 1,400 hashtags related to these groups and organizations on Instagram. "

You can read the whole thing on Facebook's purge here.

I feel deeply suspicious that this will happen as soon as President Trump spoke with QAnon during a press conference earlier this week. Now suddenly Facebook wants to delete everything that has to do with QAnon? It's no coincidence.

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