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Liberal Learns His Lesson After Tearing Down Trump Sign Rigged with Razor Blades

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Liberal Learns His Lesson After Tearing Down Trump Sign Rigged with Razor Blades

Last week, a man in Michigan had an unexpectedly painful experience while trying to remove a Trump-Pence sign that was violating a city ordinance.

Commerce Township Supervisor David Scott had asked the 52-year old building inspector to remove the signs from the private lawn because they were located only 24 feet from the center of the roadway ( instead of 33 feet as required), which violated the Township right-of-way ordinance.

The unnamed Michigan man sustained injuries to three fingers caused by razor blades attached to the Trump-Pence sign. He began bleeding profusely, so he had to drive himself to the closest hospital to receive medical care. This consisted of a tourniquet on one finger and a total of 13 stitches to close the wounds, according to the Oakland County Sheriff's Office.

“When he went to remove one of the signs, he was cut by razor blades that had been attached to the bottom edge of the sign,” the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement. “Both signs removed from that location had several razor blades taped all along the bottom edge. He received lacerations to three fingers which required medical attention.”

The man said that touching the razor blades taped to the bottom of the sign felt like he was being "shocked electrically". No tendons or nerves in his injured fingers were damaged. Commerce Township authorities found two Trump-Pence signs with razor blades attached to them. This incident is quite similar to the one in Orlando, FL when a leftist who was trying to steal a boobytrapped Trump sign got zapped.

While this may be a case where the man was in the wrong because of where he placed it, for the rest of the liberals who get electrocuted or hurt from booby-trapped's a simple fix. Don't be a thief, it's as simple as that. Leave other people's property alone and mind your own business and I guarantee you these liberals wouldn't have to worry about things like this.

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