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Lawmakers in This State Want Secession on Upcoming Ballot, Asking Other States to Join

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Lawmakers in This State Want Secession on Upcoming Ballot, Asking Other States to Join

The state of our nation is a shame. The entire globe is looking at us and chuckling now.

Many individuals are taking into consideration various options regarding what they can do in a time such as this when it is a near-sure thing that socialism will take over our country completely.

One of the important things that turns up the most when conversations such as this happen is the concept of secession, which is specifically what some people are suggesting.

Texas state representative Kyle Biedermann said that he will most likely to be presenting a bill for a referendum on functioning towards dividing Texas from the USA of America.

Texas has always been the state that is in the middle of the discussion when secession talks get started. That's mainly due to the fact that they are one of the most successful states in the Union and might just do extremely well by themselves.

Today, the threat is more real than ever and it's possible that other states have the same idea.

Karl Gleim is a man who marches at the Alamo every month. The Alamo, for those who may not remember is the battle that took place when Texas was fighting for its independence from Mexico.

"It's not any particular president or political party or any particular person who's either an idiot or not, as the case may be, whatever," said Gleim, a retiree who started his monthly marches at the Alamo eight years ago.

"My opinion is, I'm tired of the BS and the stuff that's been going on for so long and looking at the idiots we've been dealing with in Washington for so long," he said. "Screw that. We can do better than that, locally."

If the bill gets some traction, then it will be put to a vote within just a few months. We'll all be keeping our eyes on Texas.


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