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Insane Governor Who Banned Buying Seeds and Punished Barbers Now Begs President Trump for Help

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Insane Governor Who Banned Buying Seeds and Punished Barbers Now Begs President Trump for Help

I've seen these situations time and time again. Those who gripe and complain about someone, and especially President Trump, seem to like to turn right around and beg him for help.

Governor of Michigan Gretchen Whitmer, who I like to refer to as, the Wicked Witch of the North, is a clear example of this.

She has been one of the biggest tyrants in the country during the coronavirus pandemic.

Her rules that she has put in place have been absolutely arbitrary and make no sense whatsoever, such as permitting canoes and sailboats, but prohibiting jet skis and motorboats without any rhyme or reason.

She has been punishing barbers who reopened their doors so that they can make the money they need to survive. The most famous incident of a barber which was taken to court was just dropped against the barber.

Now, Gov. Whitmer has said that she would seriously consider blocking President Trump from holding a rally in Michigan if he planned one there.

On top of all of this, she's now begging President Trump to give her some money. This is the equivalent of your teenage child slapping you, spitting in your face, then telling you that they hate your guts and turning around and asking if they can borrow the car keys.

According to WILX,

During her press conference, the governor listed the amount of money the state has spent in fighting COVID-19. She said the state has more than $436 million fighting COVID-19 in the past 10 weeks, which is money the state wasn’t planning on spending when the budget was set a year ago, on top of the $3 billion the state has already lost in tax revenue.

The governor said there is no way to cut spending enough to fill the estimated $6 billion hole over the next two years. She called on the federal government to come together to help Michigan and other states facing budget challenges. Under the current federal cares act, states can’t use federal aid money to pay for things that were in the budget before the pandemic started.

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