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Far-Left Mayor’s House Shot With Fireworks and Vandalized By Mob of Antifa Militants

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Far-Left Mayor’s House Shot With Fireworks and Vandalized By Mob of Antifa Militants

In a time such as now, no one is safe or exempt from being targeted by Antifa rioters.

We have seen children, women, elderly, disabled, conservatives, liberals, blacks, whites, and everything in between being targeted and attacked with violence and vandalism.

Even in Oakland, California, the radical leftist Mayor Libby Schaaf was attacked.

The home of Mayor Schaaf was shot with fireworks and vandalized with “defund the police” graffiti on Monday night.

"Defund OPD," "homes 4 all," and "blood on your hands" were all spray-painted on the garage, sidewalk and stone wall outside Mayor Schaaf's Oakland home overnight. Witnesses say 30 to 40 people dressed in black and wearing masks shot projectiles and set off fireworks around 2 a.m.

Neighbor Yakov Barton said, "I know there's a lot of unrest and frustration and I sympathize with that, but this was jarring and felt like to another level."

Harmeet Dhillon, Republican National Committeewoman, said "I think what it shows is that Libby Schaaf's policies are not really working for her city and I'm really sorry -- no American should be made to feel unsafe in their home. As a person, I feel sorry for her and, as a leader, I think she needs to do better."

This week, President Trump threatened to send federal troops into Oakland like he has in Portland.

The President declared, "Oakland is a mess. We are not going to let this happen in our country."

Take a look as some of the images that were spray-painted on the Mayor's house.

It seems that this attack stems from Mayor Schaaf casting the tie-breaking vote in a decision to defund the police in which she voted to not defund them, hence the messages of "Defund the police" painted on her home.

President Trump is right to send in federal agents to help get Oakland under control again.

I'll be honest, it won't surprise me if we eventually see martial law come into play in some cities at some point.


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