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Despised Governor Attacks Casino That Helped Christians

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Despised Governor Attacks Casino That Helped Christians

Many states currently have imposed illegal restrictions on church gatherings, limiting them to no more than a certain number of people to attend in person. In Nevada, that limit is 50 people.

Now on the other side of the coin, casinos are able to operate at 50% capacity - I'm sure it has nothing to do with revenue, right?

Churches were hit with a blow after the Supreme Court ruled in July that they could restrict churches more than casinos thanks to the disappointing Chief Justice John Roberts who sided with the liberal justices.

USA Today reported:

Lawyers for the state had argued that religious services require tougher limits than commercial establishments because of their duration and close quarters. They said other venues, from movie theaters to museums, faced the same 50-person limit.

“Sadly, the types of communal, interpersonal gatherings that put Nevada citizens most at risk for spreading the virus include larger, in-person religious services – which are a major source of COVID-19 infections,” the state’s lawyers said.

The high court’s earlier ruling on the issue came on May 29, when Roberts sided with the liberal justices in a ruling against California’s South Bay United Pentecostal Church. Roberts said choosing when to lift restrictions during a pandemic is the business of elected officials, not unelected judges.

However, a viral video has appeared on the internet that shows the group “Evangelicals For Trump” holding a worship service in a casino. The place was packed however was in compliance with the guidelines because the event took place inside a casino that was operating at 50% capacity.

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak was outraged at the Las Vegas Ahern Hotel. He tweeted,

"I was deeply disheartened and dismayed to see the callous and dangerous behavior displayed last night in Las Vegas at a campaign event for President Trump."

Gov. Sisolak fined the hotel $250, but isn't going to really do anything serious because they don't want to lose that revenue.

CBS Las Vegas  | USA Today

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