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Democrats Now Say $2000 Stimulus Isn't Enough, You'll Never Believe What They're Demanding Now

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Democrats Now Say $2000 Stimulus Isn't Enough, You'll Never Believe What They're Demanding Now

Well, sadly the term of President Trump has run out and now we are beginning our downward spiral into the presidency of Joe Biden.

The Democrats succeeded in their plan to cheat and steal the election away from the American people.

Now, they want to get the economy going in their own way.  Their first brilliant idea is a $2000 stimulus check, which isn't at all original - since President Donald J. Trump proposed that idea a few weeks ago.

Democrats tried to muddy the waters last time around when they wanted President Trump to sign stimulus checks for $600 alongside other checks worth billions of dollars for countries all over the world.

Pennies for Americans, real money for everyone else. Apparently, that's the Democrat way.

But things have changed. Joe Biden will be the one signing checks instead of Trump, so they are more than happy to send out MONTHLY $2000 stimulus checks - never mind the one-time $600 Democratic shenanigans a couple of weeks ago.

Giving money away when things go your way isn't used by Democrats alone. "Give us what we want, or else" was used by countless other criminal empires throughout history.

This would destroy the U.S. economy forever. By doing something like this, we would dig a hole so deep that we would never be able to get out of it.

This idea is being championed by Democrat Representative Ro Khanna.

“We cannot afford to wait any longer. Let’s send out $2k monthly checks,” tweeted Khanna.

"Let's not just give ordinary Americans a one-time $2,000 check. With our new majority and a worsening crisis, let's meet the need: $2,000/month, every month, until this crisis is over."

But he's not the only one. Squad member Ayanna Pressley has also joined in on calling for $2000 monthly checks.

"The people deserve, demand and require $2,000 recurring monthly survival checks."

"My constituents need, deserve & require $2,000 recurring checks.

These are not stimulus checks—these are survival checks."

I would like to believe that this wouldn't happen, but with the way Democrats are and now that they have control over everything, anything could happen.

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