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"Defund the Police" Not Going So Well in Large Liberal City, Looks Like Their Moving to Plan B

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"Defund the Police" Not Going So Well in Large Liberal City, Looks Like Their Moving to Plan B

Remember last year when the big push by the left and the mainstream media was to "Defund the Police"? That wasn't the only thing they were putting on signs and spray painting on buildings, but I won't mention the other derogatory slogans.

Antifa and Black Lives Matter seemed that they would rest at nothing until they defunded the police. Of course, that would lead to complete anarchy and accelerated crime, but so be it.

Well, now it looks like Minneapolis is backing off of this trendy stance because they're realizing that defunding the police is backfiring on them as crime continues to rise.

Minneapolis residents have complained about the increase in violent crime, slow response and fewer officers on the streets.

This is in the wake of George Floyd's police custody death when nearly 200 officers quit or filed for extended medical leave while unrest on the streets was in full swing. Now there are just over 600 officers that are available for work in the city.

In response to this, there are 2 options that city officials have put in place with regards to improving its law enforcement:

The first is that the City Council has voted to approve $6.4 million in additional funding for the police to accelerate local recruitment for new officers.

Three City Council members have proposed the replacement of the police department with a public safety department which also commits to law enforcement plus other services.

Additionally, the Yes 4 Minneapolis committee, a coalition of community groups in the city, is also trying to introduce a proposal by collecting signatures, strengthened by a grant from a Washington DC group linked to George Soros.

Governor Greg Abbott tweeted about this saying, “Looks like defunding police didn’t go well in Minneapolis. Now they’re spending $6.4M to recruit more police officers. It won’t go well in Texas either. That’s why I want legislation preventing cities from defunding police.”

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