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BREAKING: German Study Reveals EVERY Coronavirus Death Had This in Common

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BREAKING: German Study Reveals EVERY Coronavirus Death Had This in Common

Back in March of this year, a study was released from Italy demonstrating that 98% of deaths in Italy from the coronavirus had underlying conditions.

This is actually true in New York City as well as shocking as that may seem. In fact, the numbers that we're seeing are actually 99% of people in NYC.

Additionally, 95% of the people who died in England from the coronavirus also had underlying health issues.

What's even more shocking and could contribute to a higher percentage in these above-mentioned locations, a study from Germany shows that every single death was someone who had cancer, lung disease, was obese, or was a heavy smoker.

While this may not be comforting for some, I would encourage you to utilize this time to get healthy.

Here is the initial study from Italy from Agenzia Nova,

This a very rough translation from the article, in fact, it is a Google Translation.

Rome, 18 Mar 09:29 – (Agenzia Nova) – Only 12 deaths caused by coronavirus have been ascertained so far. The data, however, emerges from the analysis of just 355 medical records, out of 2,003 received by the Higher Institute of Health (ISS). All the other 343 patients who fell victim to the epidemic, according to the ISS, had other serious diseases, which caused their death. Almost 50 percent of the deceased had 3 previous pathologies, and the average of the 343 deaths from secondary causes is 2.7 pathologies per person. The 12 deceased patients, equal to 3.38 percent of the sample examined, did not present any previous pathology, which means that their death was caused, precisely, by Covid-19.

Among the other victims, 84, equal to 23.7 percent of the sample, had 1 pathology; 90 patients, equal to 25.4 percent of the sample, had 2; and 169, equal to 47.6 percent, had 3 or more pathologies. Respiratory failure is the most common complication observed. The ISS, in fact, found the disease in 97.2 percent of cases; the second cause is acute kidney damage, in 27.8 percent of cases; followed by acute myocardial injury, with 10.8 percent; and from superinfection, with 10.2 percent.

The Institute also reports on the age groups of patients. As of March 17, seventeen those who died and were positive at Covid-19 under the age of 50. Specifically, 5 of these were less than 40 years old: these are male subjects between the ages of 31 and 39 with serious pre-existing diseases. Among these, cardiovascular, renal, psychiatric diseases but also diabetes and obesity.

So basically, what we're already seeing here is what they're seeing there as well. I guess Italians just don't have as great of health as the world would like to believe.

Here is a portion of the new study from Germany.

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