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BREAKING! Jovan Hutton Pulitzer CONFIRMS Mail-In Ballot FRAUD!

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BREAKING! Jovan Hutton Pulitzer CONFIRMS Mail-In Ballot FRAUD!

Finally! We've got serious proof that verifies that there was certainly fraud committed in the election.

Certainly, the sworn statements and also testimonies and shady goings-on have actually all been proof also, yet in today's society, a lot of people really would like to see greater than just what we have actually seen, as well as currently we ultimately have that.

Jovan Pulitzer was permitted by the Georgia State Senate to conduct an audit on a cluster of ballots from Fulton County, Georgia which goes to the heart of the fraud in the state.

As you may understand, instantly after being permitted to perform the audit, rental vehicles trucks to confiscate the ballots that were being kept in a storage facility.

Democrats are trying incredibly diligently to conceal as well as destroy the evidence of their wide-scale corruption. But it appears that we've ultimately reached that apex.

Jovan Pulitzer was still able to secure some ballots and has now CONFIRMED that the ballots were fraudulent!

"#BREAKING Can confirm my team has been provided evidence of mail in ballots with the votes already filled in BY MACHINE. More than one instance of has occurred and it shows the voting machines can read and do accept MACHINE FILLED IN MECHANICAL BALLOTS more soon #ScanTheBallots"

This could have been done a lot sooner, but because of the Democrats' tricks, things were severely delayed. Hutton has the capability to examine around a million ballots per day, perhaps even more because he did say that it would take him about 2 hours to look at 500,000 ballots.

He apparently had to respond to someone else who made some ridiculous assumption.

"Mary sorry but you are a judge, a board member and an IDIOT. WHO the hell said the machine fills it in? How did you get to your place n not be able to read and discern? U really need an education WHAT WE ARE SAYING! Preprinted means PRINTED BEFORE MACHINE SCAN! #ScanTheBallots"

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