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BREAKING: FBI Tried to Recruit Papadopoulos' Wife to Spy on Her Own Husband!

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BREAKING: FBI Tried to Recruit Papadopoulos' Wife to Spy on Her Own Husband!

We are continually learning more and more about how corrupt the Obama administration truly was, and by the looks of it, it's far worse than we have thought.

New details were revealed that George Papadopoulos' wife, Simona Mangiante was targeted by the FBI, accused of being a spy, and the FBI tried to recruit her to wear a wire to record her husband's conversations.

In a set of text messages with an acquaintance, we see how deep the corruption went.

In the first set of text messages, Simona was presented with an article regarding the Obamagate scandal and replied:

Simona: L’FBI mi hachiesto di informarli su george .. guando ci frequentavamo. E’ scandaloso – [The FBI asked me to inform them about george .. when we were dating. It’s outrageous.]
Simona: Non volevo parlare di questo – [I didn’t want to talk about this.]

Then she was asked about the story about a microphone story:

Acquantance: Davvero ti hano chiesto questo? [Did they really ask you this?]
Simona: Ma mi hanno dato un numero segreto [But they gave me a secret number]

In another set of messages she recalls being asked to collaborate aka wear a wire.

Simona: george sostiene che chiedermi di collaborare equivale anche ad indossare una wire [George says that asking me to collaborate also means wearing a wire]
Simona: quello che ho detto a george e’ la verita [what i told george is the truth]
Simona: Che I’FBI mi ha dato un numero segreto offerto protezione e chiesto di informarli [That the FBI gave me a secret number and offered protection and asked to inform them]

Simona: Per aiutare I’ínvestigazioeb [To help the investigation]
Simona: Mentre George era investigato [While George was being investigated]

In a final set of messages, she says the FBI accused her of being a spy:

Simona: Mi hanno detto “sappiamo di connessioni politiche importanti in Europa e della relazione con George” [They said “we know about important political connections in Europe and the relationship with George”]
Simona: Volevano intrappolare me? [Did they want to trap me?]

Simona: O capire se potevo cooperare con loro nel set up? [Or understand if I could cooperate with them in the set up?]

Simona: Certo erano spaventati dal mio background [Of course they were scared of my background]
Simona: Cosa pensi? [What do you think?]
Simona: Perche Occhionero millanta chei io sia una spia? [Why does Occhionero boast that I am a spy?] [Guilio Occhionero is an Italian who claims he was set up by Deep State actors in early 2017.]

Simona: Non credo millanti questo [I don’t think this is bragging]
Simona: Occhionero come me crede che FBI ha creato il Russiagate per cospirare contro il cndidato e President Trump [Occhionero like me believes that FBI created Russiagate to conspire against the candidate and President Trump.]

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