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BOOM! Key Intel Source Confirms Trump WON Election, SCOTUS Must Act Now (VIDEO)

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BOOM! Key Intel Source Confirms Trump WON Election, SCOTUS Must Act Now (VIDEO)

President Trump won the election in November, this is something that we are all confident about.

It's not as though we just have some insane wishful thinking, either. We've seen a lot of the evidence and we know that President Trump was winning was easily winning the night of the election, then the next morning things were completely different.

Now, something that we've all been confident of has been confirmed by an intel source.

We all know this, but the problem is being able to prove it well enough in order for everything to be turned back around and actually award President Trump as the rightful winner of the election.

Earlier this week, maria Bartiromo dropped this major bombshell on her show Sunday Morning Futures.

The award-winning journalist told viewers she was told by an intel source that Trump did win the 2020 election. She then went on to say that the fate of the country lies in the hands of the Supreme Court because they're going to have to take up these cases before them and do something about it.

Bartiromo said,

“An intel source told me President Trump did, in fact, win the election. He says that it is up to the Supreme Court to hear suits from other cases across the country to stop the clock. This follows the high court’s refusal to hear the lawsuit from Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.”

Take a look:

Paxton brought the lawsuit, which was backed by 19 states, to the U.S. Supreme Court against Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Michigan, alleging that those states violated the Constitution by changing the election law by executive branch officials and not the legislature. The nation’s top court rejected the suit late on Dec. 11, ruling that Texas lacked of standing to sue other states.

Following the court’s decision, President Trump’s legal team led by attorney Rudy Giuliani said they “move immediately, seamlessly, to plan B, which is to bring lawsuits now in each one of the states.”

“We had them ready. They’re just a version of the one that was brought in the Supreme Court. So last night, the president made the decision,” Giuliani said during an appearance on “War Room: Pandemic.”

“If the state doesn’t have standing, surely the president of the United States has standing. And certainly, the electors in the states have standing. So they will be bringing those very cases right in those courts, starting today,” he added. “Let’s see what excuse they can try to use to avoid having a hearing on that.”

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