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BOMBSHELL! Undercover Video PROVES Election Fraud in Georgia

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BOMBSHELL! Undercover Video PROVES Election Fraud in Georgia

Of all of the proof that we have actually seen thus far, this set has got to be the most damning.

What you're about to see is outright proof that fraud taking place and that there are thousands of ballots that need to be tossed out of the Georgia political election.

One of the big issues with the ballots is that there have actually been numerous ballots that all have the very same address on them.

Well, this isn't unusual with a handful or so. As an example, my wife, as well as I, reside in the very same house so we would certainly have the same address. If we had an older kid or perhaps a parent that was living with us too, then that would certainly increase the number for the exact same address also.

Nonetheless, when we begin seeing, hundreds or perhaps thousands of individuals who all have the exact same address, that is a significant problem.

Now, it has actually been proven, and as we have the admission of it on video. Not the admission to the individual that utilized the address, however the individual that really allowed it to occur. That person in this instance is Kimberly Parker from Central Outreach and Advocacy Center in Atlanta, GA.

Kimberly Parker, executive director at Central OAC told the undercover Project Veritas reporter, “So, the majority of people we serve, don’t have an address, so we allow them to use our address if they to register to vote and get Georgia State ID.”

Ms. Parker added, “So, although we’re not a shelter, we do allow them to use 201 Washington St.” [Atlanta, GA.]

“So I can’t even begin to tell you how many people have that address on their ID,” adding, “And we’ve never run into any problem with that until this election, and one of our board members got wind…and thought we’re doing things not on the up and up…” she told the Project Veritas reporters, telling them they’ve done this “for years.”

Is this really a problem?

Well, according to Georgia Code 21-2-216(a)(4), "Georgia law requires a person to vote where they live. Permitting someone to use a false statement on voter registration is illegal in Georgia and punishable by up to 10 years imprisonment."

We've got a problem here.

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