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BOMBSHELL! Medics in Wuhan Told to Cover Up COVID-19 Data

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BOMBSHELL! Medics in Wuhan Told to Cover Up COVID-19 Data

I'd like to say that I'm surprised at what we just learned about China, but that wouldn't be the truth.

I think that most of us have known for some time now that China has been lying to the world from the very beginning.

There is absolutely no way that the epicenter of virus that has ravaged the entire world just magically eliminated it and that it hasn't even come back. They really expect us to believe that they have only had 88,000 cases of the virus? In a country that has worse conditions than America?

Well, now it looks as though we're getting some new information thanks to a documentary. According to this documentary, Chinese medics in Wuhan are making the claim that the hospitals there have been told by the communist government of China to hide the data of people contracting and dying from COVID-19.

Not only that, but they hid the fact that this virus was transmitted from human to human. Yes, they eventually told the World Health Organization, but we could have had this information much sooner and perhaps more could have been done about it.

The documentary features medical professionals in Wuhan stating that in early December 2019, they discovered that people had died from the virus, but Chinese authorities told hospitals “not to tell the truth.” The medics also claim that some local people wanted to cancel Lunar New Year festivities (which could have spread the virus), but the events were held in order to “present a harmonious and prosperous society.”

“We all felt there shouldn’t be any doubt about human-to-human transmission,” one medic stated. Another medic said, “We knew this virus transmitted from human-to-human. But when we attended a hospital meeting, we were told not to speak out. The provincial leaders told the hospitals not to tell the truth.”

“As late as January 12, the WHO was saying there was ‘no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission’ and said it was ‘reassured of the quality’ of China’s response,” The Daily Mail noted, adding, “By January 21, when the WHO issued its first situation report on the virus, the disease had infected at least 278 people in China and spread to three other countries.”

So here's something that I wonder about, and it's just a theory. But we all know that China hated President Trump. What if this virus was created in response to that and knowingly released? Beyond that, what if China really has largely gotten rid of the virus in China because they have known all along how to cure it?

And one more thing...what if they let Joe Biden in on that secret and he is made out to be the hero and China goes back to the way things were before President Trump in exchange for the cure?

But this is all just my own theory. It's something that I think COULD happen, but may not. What are your thoughts?

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