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BOMBSHELL! Attorney Lin Wood Makes STUNNING Statement of What's to Come with Election

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BOMBSHELL! Attorney Lin Wood Makes STUNNING Statement of What's to Come with Election

Attorney Lin Wood, who is most known for representing Nick Sandmann who was targeted by the mainstream media and has won at least one lawsuit against CNN.

He is now representing Kyle Rittenhouse and is working with the Trump team to get down to the bottom of this election fraud mess.

Wood spoke with Mark Levin on his program and actually made a stunning remark about what's to come regarding the election.

He told Levin that President Trump actually won the election by a landslide:

"But first, we've got to have a special session called so that they can elect the electors to vote for Donald Trump who by the way won a landslide victory in Georgia as he did across the nation. Then they're going to have to have a new election on all the down ballots in January because the whole process was infected by the illegal absentee ballot procedure and it was also infected with what I call a computer virus. The computer voting system in Georgia, dominion, contains software that was manipulated where they controlled the voting, which is a network of corporations around the globe.

This election was a fraud. Donald Trump, I believe clearly a 70% plus landslide election across the nation. He probably won over 400 electoral votes. So we're uncovering step-by-step the layers on the onion and we're gonna get to the truth and the truth is that Donald Trump has been reelected by this country to serve as president for four more years."

Recently, Attorney Lin Wood told Howie Carr,

"In the state of Georgia, as alleged in my lawsuit, I believe the law is clear and that the election was unlawful and void because the Secretary of State changed the substantive rules of the election and that can only be done by the legislature. They're going to have to void that election, then the Georgia legislature, in a special session, will do what it's supposed to do under the 12th Amendment and it will select the electors and direct them who to cast their vote for. So the President of the United States can be, and I believe will be elected through the electoral college, but it'll be based on state legislators determining the will of the state. The rest of the Georgia election has got to be thrown out. And there's gonna have to be a new election on all the down-ballot races..."

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