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Blue State Rushes New Law to Count Election Ballots of Dead People — No, Seriously

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Blue State Rushes New Law to Count Election Ballots of Dead People — No, Seriously

Massachusetts, which is a Democratic state has signed a new law that will allow ballots to be accepted even if the person who signed the ballot has already passed away.

This bill that was signed into law declares that if someone sent in a ballot that was received before the Election Day deadline and then died after that ballot was received, the vote from that person must still be accepted and count in the numbers that would make up the final vote.

If you asked Democrats why this was necessary, they will fearmonger by telling you that a lot of people are passing away from COVID. The problem with that excuse is, there is no truth to that claim.

Massachusetts claims that 9,500 people passed away from COVID just in their state. The numbers that are reported are greatly exaggerated but I can still illustrate the point with the facts that Massachusetts claims.

If everybody that died was registered to vote, the state has four and a half million registered voters. So the rules are being changed to count votes from a fifth of the registered voters. That number is only this high if everyone that passed away was registered to vote in the election of this year.

People are probably wondering: What were the rules under the previous law? The rules under that law said if you passed away and the tallying of votes was still at least ten days away then your vote would not count because you are no longer alive.

Secretary of State Bill Galvin was the one who announced the rule change.

Bill Galvin claims that if someone voted then died really close to the election, there was no way to know the person who had cast that vote was no longer around. Although this is a new law, the Secretary Of State claims that this is not a new rule and the number of ballots this rule would include would not be enough to change the winner.

There are two problems with what Bill Galvin is trying to claim. This is a new rule so it's new and if the number of votes that would be included isn't enough to be consequential then why did we need this new law?

The bottom line is Massachusetts has become another Democratic state to accept votes from people who have passed on. The first Democratic state to accept this law was Illinois.

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