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BLM Supporter Who Kneeled on Neck of White Baby Getting What He Deserves

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BLM Supporter Who Kneeled on Neck of White Baby Getting What He Deserves

From time to time, there are some things that happen in the world that I just don't write about for one reason or another.

Typically, the reason I don't write about something is that it is too sad and I just don't want have to read the details or see the video or pictures.

Writing on politics and current events can take a toll on a person because as you well know, it's not often that we find something positive to write about. Plus our society has become so conditioned to hearing bad news that it's now what we expect. I also think that this is a reason for the current state of our country as well.

But for the same of actually giving a little good news - and I do mean little - I'll mention a story that I have been avoiding. That's the story of the man who took a picture of himself kneeling on the neck of a white baby.

The good news is that this scumbag has been arrested and criminal charges are going to be brought against him. The District Attorney still has to decide what those charges will be, but I'm sure there will at least be some child endangerment charges as well as assault.

In fact, Major Clark is saying the same thing. Clark said,

“We’re waiting on our prosecutor’s office to make a decision on what level of charges and which type of charges to put on that individual. What we’re looking at on our end are charges related to child endangerment, possibly domestic violence, assault, that sort of thing. The big one we are looking at though would be a child endangerment type charge.”

Fortunately, the baby didn't suffer from any serious injuries. Here's what I don't understand though, how did they even get a hold of this child? Maybe it has been mentioned, but I haven't wanted to subject myself to the full story.

I just know that there is no way that my little child would ever get out of my sight long enough for something like this to happen.

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