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Biden Calling for Weapons Ban Again...Like Banning 'AR-14s?'

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Biden Calling for Weapons Ban Again...Like Banning 'AR-14s?'

Following the shooting over the weekend in Los Angeles, Democratic candidate Joe Biden is once again calling for banning "assault rifles" and high-capacity magazines.

He really has no idea what he's talking about though. Remember when he made a pit stop at a Michigan auto factory on a campaign tour and ended up getting into an argument over Biden threatening to take away guns?

He's already announced that if he's elected as President that he is going to appoint Beto O'Rourke to head the team in taking everyone's guns. It's too late for Biden to try and backtrack now.

During the stop, he was confronted by an auto worker who called him out on his gun control policies. The worker asked about Biden "actively trying to end our Second Amendment rights".

“You’re full of sh**!” Biden responds, getting in the man’s face.

“I support the 2nd Amendment,” he added, getting angry. “The 2nd Amendment, just like right now if you yell fire, that’s not free speech. I have a shotgun…my sons hunt. I’m not taking your guns away at all.”

That is, he's not taking them away unless they are AR-15s or hold a high capacity of rounds.

But Biden wasn’t finished with the man, who stood near the former vice president during a campaign photo opportunity just minutes earlier. Biden can be heard calling the worker a “horse’s a**,” telling him that “you don’t need an AR-14” (apparently referring to the common weapon, the AR-15), and then threatening to “slap” the man “in the face.”

Biden does go into some detail on the “AR-14,” calling it a “machine gun” and claiming it holds “100 rounds.”

I'll guarantee you that this whole interaction and exchange didn't win him any votes in Michigan. As of right now though, Biden is out in the lead ahead of Bernie Sander in Michigan, but we really won't know the true numbers until later tonight (hopefully) assuming that there isn't another fiasco like they had in Iowa last month.

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