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Bernie Sanders' New Senior Advisor Has LONG HISTORY of Hating America

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Bernie Sanders' New Senior Advisor Has LONG HISTORY of Hating America

The Bernie Sanders campaign has a new senior advisor, Phillip Agnew.

Sanders hired civil rights activist Agnew as he hopes to win over African American voters in the race for the Democratic nomination having fallen behind to Joe Biden, the former Vice President under Barack Obama.

Agnew has been no friend of America as he's criticized America and blaming 9/11 on America.

He's also criticized the decision to take out Osama Bin Laden and insulted former First Lady Michelle Obama by calling her ugly.

In one tweet he said, “Random thought while standing in Gas Station: Michelle Obama is an odd looking woman…I’d call her ugly but I don’t want the backlash…”

He wrote an apology to some of his hateful remarks:

"I am writing to own that in 2009, when I was 23, I tweeted stupid comments about Michelle Obama.

I am writing because I was wrong and I am writing to be accountable.

I am sorry for the remarks that I made. I typed them as a young, immature, and insecure boy who thought he was forever invisible and "invincible." My comments were shallow, careless, sexist, and cruel.

I grew up socialized by false standards of beauty and success. And young, dumb Phillip spouted all manner of things that today I absolutely reject and regret. 

As a young community organizer, I have spent hours and days, months and years doing, thinking, and being better, privately and publicly. I've matured, been politicized, and continuously been pushed and challenged by fellow organizers to change and grow into my values.

I am still a work in progress. That said, I am better than I was when I wrote those tweets. Part of my justice work has been ongoing critical self-reflection about the ways I have been part of or perpetuated problematic expressions of masculinity.

Black boys and men grow steeped in it and - in turn - demean and move with utter disdain and reckless abandon towards womxn [sic] in general, and Black womxn [sic] in particular. And more, dark-skin Black womxn [you get it by now] especially. There's no excuse for it.

While my past tweets were decidedly not about Blackness nor complexion nor Black womxn, I took part in a misogynoirist culture that ignorantly objectifies Black womxn as whole. And I take full responsibility for my words and actions. The Black community has internalized so much trauma and I carry that with me every day. This is why I am committed to this work. I believe in the power of restorative processes in my community. Thank you for holding me accountable."

He labored to write "womxn" instead of "women". First of all, why did he do that? And secondly, why didn't he do it with "men"?

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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